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    About Us: Fancy Muffin

    Created August 2013 but manifested way before that, Fancy Muffin focuses on self-expression through individual style. Most textiles from Fancy Muffin are hand dyed in house using techniques such as batik and other resist methods of dying to recreate eccentric designs. All items are handmade with love in house because the craft matters. Fancy Muffin carries out eco-friendly techniques during the creating process of each dyed item. Environmentally friendly practices for water, resource, and energy conservation are used during the dyeing process. The garments are dyed using professional quality low impact fiber reactive dyes. Keeping mama earth happy one item at a time.

    Inspired by all things color, creator and owner Fei Mancho dives deep within the color wheel by experimenting with the art of dying fabric. After making her first tie dye shirt in high school, Fei was instantly drawn towards the craft. Born in America and highly influenced by her Cameroonian background, Fei combines both cultural experiences to reflect a multi dimensional being and to bring a new take on tie and dye. "Their is something about when I am tie dying that creates energy that I tell is tapped from my ancestors, a cultural connection that I know is just right".


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